SANRIO x Love Liner Liquid Eye Liner – Review by Starlet Ddtory

Translated from our Starlet’s review:


Hi, it’s Ddtory! ? I’m going to introduce the second item from Wonect’s September package today. Japanese eye makeup is always of good quality, aren’t they? This is my first time using this brand, and yet everything about the packaging to the product is really really good good +_+)bb Let’s jump into the introduction!


:: Love Liner x Gudetama Edition Eye Liner ::

Volume: 0.55ml
Colour: Nobel Brown


Gudetama, which is gaining popularity in Korea recently, is in a collaboration that was released from August this year, and has gathered lots of attention! It’s been 1 month since its release? hahaha


Love Liner is a well-known brand in Japan. It hasn’t arrived here in Korea yet so this brand is rather new to me. Seems like there’s a lot more brands I can learn about from the drugstores! ‘3’)!!


I certainly can’t read Japanese, but I suppose it’s writing about the features of the product! It’s a moist type of pen, giving a waterproof application that dries immediately! It’s also easy to remove with makeup, and boasts the ability to draw thin lines! 😀


Ah, it can handle such minute details… And what is with this cuteness hahahahaha wouldn’t you want to stop eating eggs in the future??? hahahahah


There are instructions on how to draw the eye line on the insides of the packaging! The upper portion shows the most common drawing method, while the bottom portion shows a slightly different method to draw. I couldn’t take the challenge.


Kya! I took the eye liner out of the box! It has the cute Gudetama on the eye liner! The shape of the pen is quite thin.


It’s cute no matter how many times I see it… hahaha


It’s made in Japan, and Gudetama belongs to the Sanrio character family. While the other characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody are feminine characters, to think that a character with such an explosive cuteness existed! +_+


The feathers on the pen are firm without needing to split them. It is really firm, probably the best among all the eye liners that I own!!


It’s easy to adjust the thickness, and the colour seems to have a bit of pink in the brown. It’s not too thick, and looks compatible with other makeups too. Recently, I am more interested in the lighter shades of brown instead of the blacker tones… hurhur

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The thickness and the firmness of the pen is good, making it really easy to draw the corners of the eyes. I think many people will find it hard to draw the eye line well, but using the pen type is a lot easier than the pencil type!


How about that! It’s pretty well-drawn, right? +_+) The colour is a great match for feminine makeup, right! I like how the corners are drawn!


If it wasn’t such a thick brown I would have liked it more… hahah I’ll apply together with brown mascara to get a softer image.


A cute eye liner colour that works great with a non-glossy shadow colour. It’s really a must-have for your pouch.. haha A pen without split ends is always good. Always thin like a newly-bought pen, it makes it easy to draw the lines.


It’s my first time using Love Liner. I like the other colours that are available, and the firmness in the pen. It doesn’t fall off even in the afternoon, lasting quite well! +_+

I’ve been looking around for quite a while for a pinkish-brown eye liner, this is exactly what I’ve been looking, and have been really using it! >< Kukuku I’m really hoping for more brands to come to Korea! I might be introducing Buranfo’s new release! It’s not sold in Korea, so please look out for it! ♥

With that, annyeong!”

Starlet Ddtory

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