Majolica Majorca Twinkle Body Jelly – Review by Starlet Abigail

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Checking in with your body and regulating your breathing is a great way to wind down, and provides an excellent framework for allowing your thoughts to order themselves. Being consciously present in your own body is also a really nice way of feeling more comfortable in your own skin. I’ve been doing this regularly after exercise, and feeling my muscles ache in places I didn’t even know I had muscles has made me more driven to building my strength.

I can’t quite get the hang of just lying down and bringing my focus to my toes, so I’m now moisturising with firm intent instead.

Majolica Majorca has always struck me as a rather romantic sort of brand, and their special winter sky-inspired Christmas 2016 range is no exception. The sole hair and body care product is the limited edition 2016/17 Fall/Winter Majolica Majorca Twinkle Body Jelly, which doesn’t actually leave your skin looking glittery. Instead, yellow “stardust” capsules laden with with emollients and a heady perfume are suspended in a purple gel. Spread out, the effect is reminiscent of far-off galaxies.  It takes a while to massage the melty capsules in properly, which provides the right amount of time for you to tune in to what each of your body parts are telling you. If your thoughts inevitably drift to how we are all made of stardust, or the possible heat death of the universe, just let them flow, and then gently herd them back.

Remember to breathe!”

Starlet Abigail

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