Majolica Majorca Nude Make Gel – Review by Starlet Wan Wei

Extract from our lovely Starlet’s review:

“This product is easily my favourite. I love how the “gel” blends right to your skin tone. it’s almost as if you have no makeup on and really does make your skin look flawless. Depending on how much you apply, the initial coverage is pretty good as well.

Also, this product is something like a cross between a BB cream and foundation. I liked how it makes the makeup very natural, and how “dewy” the skin appears later. There’s also SPF 30 ++ protection, which makes this ideal for office makeup.

In winter time I don’t usually use powder foundation, so I really liked this product because it is so fuss-free and ideal for natural makeup.

HOWEVER, I’m not sure if drinking alcohol affects anything. You see, when I left my house for Xmas dinner with this product on my face, all my pimples were reasonably covered. After I started drinking for a while, some redness started appearing and that’s totally VISIBLE! So I’m not sure if it is because the gel faded after a while, or that the redness of my skin showed through all the alcohol.

So I figured: Maybe the logic is to put concealer before applying this Nude Make Gel. Alternatively, just avoid drinking alcohol lol!!

I’d be curious about how this works in sunny and humid climates, so I’d definitely be reading the reviews of other wonect reviewers as well!

Starlet Wan Wei

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