Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister – Review by Starlet Ddtory

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Let’s review the products that Wonect has sent over!

:: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister ::

Wonect sends over the hottest selling item right now in Japanese drugstores. And today we’ll be introducing the mascara from Majolica Majorca. I have used Majolica Majorca’s black colour before!

There is fibre in it, and seems to be able to give the eyelashes an impactful finish. Thinking how this gives the term “impactful beauty” makes me laugh. hahahaha

The feature of this mascara is the duet comb! It has curling power, and able to create long lashes. Furthermore, it’s easy to removal it with warm water +_+)//

This series of mascara has sold over 5 million pieces, and still going strong. Hoho, this is really something. Pretty sure Koreans are also buying this +0+ hahaha

This is BR666, brown colour. Black is BK999.

The size is bigger than I thought it looked. Majolica Majorca’s design really stands out. I just realised how elaborate the package design is too.

There!! The biggest feature of this product is really the comb portion. It is made with two combs, the top is long, while the bottom is shorter. It is able to comb even the tips of the eyebrow.

The brown colour has a reddish tint to it. The string- or hair-like thing that you see from the photo is actually the fibre. Using this fibre will allow you to create long-looking eyebrows even if they are short!

I used the eyelash curler before applying mascara. Not to say that I don’t have alot of eyelash hair, but because they are quite short, I often use a base mascara or long-lash products.. (TT)(TT)

I used the longer part of the comb to apply mascara. It’s really like a comb, being able to apply the mascara onto each strand, without entwining or stiffening.

It’s really easy to use the shorter part of the comb for the outer corner of the eye and lower lashes, where the hair is shorter. The brush type of comb will probably touch the skin, but the comb is short and makes it easy to apply the mascara. hahahah

Oo oo

MY eyelashes have lengthened! It has becomed really really really long +_+

Whether it’s the top eyelash or the bottom eyelash, we can see that they have really lengthened. And the colour tone is quite cute hurhurhurhur

The brown colour gives the overall makeup a soft look, and because there is a red tint, it is the soft look of a young female. Personally, I prefer using brown mascara over black ones, so I am going to have to treat this Majolica Majorca mascara with care! hurhur

My eye area looks different with just one mascara. The fibre lengthens my eyelashes, and stays in place after it dries up. I don’t get problems of the the mascara falling to pieces ever after a day has passed.

But you’d need to apply it well to prevent the strands from tangling in the first place! 🙂 The shape of the eyelash is of an unusual shape, which means applying mascara can be hard for both the inner and outer corners of the eyes. It’s good that this item allows easy application for hard to apply areas! Majolica Majorca is love ♥ huhuhu

Alright, we’ll review the next item soon. Anyeong!!!!”

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