KATE Sensor Lip Tint – Review by Starlet Ddtory

Translated from our Starlet’s review:

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Hi, it’s Ddtory!!! The weather is fantastic today~ The weather report says that it would rain this weekend, but it is bright and sunny! Today Oct 1, Korea has not seen the sale of this product yet, but here is the extremely popular tint! ?
:: KATE Colour Lip Tint ::
Volume: 7g
I am most familiar with KATE’s eye liner and foundation! It seems that this is the first time KATE is releasing a tint. What I am showing today is the PK-1 colour. Sorry I can’t introduce the other colours as there are not much information about them T_T
You might think that “KATE never had a tint, right?”, it’s true that we don’t see a tint among the makeup items. Eyebrow makeup, eye liners and foundations are the often seen… why is that? Anyway, I look forward to seeing how well KATE’s first tint turns out! Especially since they haven’t sold it in Korea yet!!!!!!! +_+
The tip is of a very strange shape. Should I say that it looks like a sharp horn? Usually you’ll see flat surfaces, and start wonder about if it can get wet. hurhur
I tried applying a little. The tint is like a Japan’s special see-through colour tone, and has the look of a gloss. ?
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I tried to apply some gradation. Even though it is a tint, it is also moisturising. The pinkish colour is very cute!
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You will think, “Ah! Yes, so it really looks like this.” when you fully apply the tint. haha Applying it makes you think that you have applied Japanese water colour. Plus it is a see-through pink colour T_T So cute….
The colour is fuller than a gloss’. It feels good too as there is no sense of stickiness to it. And even though the shape of the tip is rather strange, It was very easy to apply it onto the lips.
The colour suits my skin really well, and I hope KATE’s tint comes to Korea really soooon. If this colour is to your liking, then it’ll be cute when combined with coral colour! +_+ 
It’s a tint, and yet it is moisturising, so it’s good for dry lips. It has a cuter colour than glosses so it’s perfect for daily use! Wonect always sends satisfying products to me. I can’t wait to see what kind of products will come for October!! I shall introduce the hot items from Japan then!!! With that, Annyeong!! hahahaha”
Starlet Ddtory

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