KATE Sensor Lip Tint – Review by Starlet Abigail

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No More Rules Color Lip Tint Kate Tokyo
Like most of its other products, the Kate Color Sensor Lip Tint comes dressed in black. With a tagline like No More Rules, Kate Tokyo is a makeup brand with a healthy sense of drama – just look at their campaign videos. And what’s more theatrical than metamorphosis?
Color Changing Lip Gloss
Launched in August 2016 just in time for the Fall/Winter season, the Color Sensor Lip Tint reacts with the amount of moisture in your lips to transform into a shade that’s utterly unique to you. Coming in 7 different base shades from beige to cherry candy red, the Lip Tint deepens within a minute or two of application. The coolest colour in the range is probably the Clear Black (BK-1), which applies on as a sheer black and morphs into a reddish hue.
Kate Tokyo Color Lip Tint 2016 Fall/Winter New Makeup Collection
Providing what Kate calls Tinted Gradation, the lip tint is more lip gloss than lipstick, and unless you really layer it on, the effect is very subtle. At least, that’s what I experienced with the Soft Beige Lip Tint (BE-1) that Wonect sent me this month. It looks a little too pale when it goes on (For my skin tone at least), but when I catch myself in a mirror five minutes later, the colour always warms up. My lips look a little plumper and healthier, almost like I’m wearing a lip balm, but with a light touch of peachy freshness.
Kate Tokyo Color Sensor Lip Tint BE-1 Swatch
I loved the triangle applicator, which is perfectly designed to get even those awkward and hard to reach corners, and navigate cupid’s bows with ease. It’s really nifty if you want to create particular looks as well. Use the tip to add a little more colour along your lip line if you want a more contoured look, or dab a little to the centre of your lip for a softer and more natural glow. You can even go wild and fill it all in! It’s scent free, so you won’t be tempted to lick it off, and fairly light as lip glosses go, so even when the wind blows hair into your face, stray strands won’t get stuck to your mouth – all wins in my book.”
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