KATE Sensor Lip Tint – Review by Starlet Shera

Translated from our Starlet’s review:

“I am introducing today’s colour lip tint from KATE. It is commonly called the Colour Sensor Lip Tint, because of how the colour changes accordingly to the temperature of your lips!


There are a number of transparent lip balms that changes colour, the basic colour for this is red, so there won’t be to large a change in colour. It won’t change into a colour that wouldn’t fit you, so no worries about that.
“Colour Lip Tint” is written on it. “KATE Tokyo” is also written, so the company probably started out in Tokyo. KATE’s products are often easy-to-carry-around products, and I often buy their well-known eyeshadows when I go to Japan. It’s my first time using KATE’s lip products, but I will do my best to give a satisfying review U_U*
I am using the colour RD-2 from KATE’s Colour Sensor Lip Tint. I think it’s the easiest colour to use.
Red matches well for Asians, I recommend using RD-2 as the safest.
Doesn’t the tip look a little pointed? I thought the tip looked a little small, but it is convenient to use on my small lips. If your lips are bigger then you may need to apply a few more times.
Taking a closer look, it is a little furry.  It might take more time on the lips, but it is able to reach ever the small folds on the lips. It’s cute, and does the application well.
The opening part looks like this. You won’t get too much tint on as the adequate amount will be picked up. If you need to you can use tissue to keep the opening clean.
To confirm the applied colour I tried once on the wrists. Just like on the lips, I tapped a few times to apply it. Look how beautiful it is. The rose colour has a watery look to it. It doesn’t lose to the colour of the Anna Sui item I used, you can use it even if you decide not to put on makeup.
It might be difficult to see how it looks, but this is the colour when I applied it. I left it for about 10 min and dapped slightly with the tissue, but some tint were still left. Seems like it’ll can easily washed off with a makeup removal if I used around this much. It seems like a good item to use, so why not consider getting it the next time you go to Japan’s drugstore? The KATE Colour Sensor Tint is an recommended item that helps moisturise the skin.”
Starlet Shera

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