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Hi everybody, it’s ddtory! This is the last item I’m introducing from the August Wonect Starlet set. It’s not a famous brand in Korea, but this FLOWFUSHI’s concealer is a well-loved item in Japan used together with mascara and eyebrow beauty lotions.

It’s a little different from other concealers, and it’s a joy to use. 🙂 Be sure share this review after reading!


:: FLOWFUSHI Concealer Cover ::



The Flowfushi Concealer took Number 1 bestseller in Spring 2016 in the concealer/highlight category. There are two types: Natural and Cover, and I have received the Cover one. It also provides a little protection against UV rays!


The Flowfushi Concealer is good for reapplying makeup and fixing the dark circles around the eyes. It certainly does not look like a concealer, but it’s a smart concealer that comes with two types of brushes. 🙂


No matter how I look at it, it’s quite a special design. hahahah It’s a concealer that uses a liquid foundation.


Removing the gold cap reveals a foundation brush.



Brushing my fingers over to check the elasticity, good, good. It’s soft on the skin, without being stimulating on it. It’s small but of the right size!


Perhaps it’s a concealer that a tip brush is also used. Japan like natural cosmetics, so there’s bound to be many different types of concealers.

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The directions for use is also written!

The easiest way to use is to conceal the dark circles by applying on the areas to the side of the eyes and nose areas. But I haven’t reached that point when I need to use it. hahah


It’s A LOT, a lot watery than I expected. Since it’s a concealer, I expected it to had a viscous feel, but it’s a more watery than a liquid foundation. Almost like an emulsion? (TT) I just tilted a little and it spilled. What a waste.. mmm the amount spilled could used about five times.


I honestly could not tell how well it can cover when I first put it on my skin. But it sparkles from the very fine while pearls that is in the liquid!!!!! Furthermore, since it’s a cover type it darken my skin colour just by a bit, yet the white pearl cancels that effect!! Oh-hoho, mysterious, right? hahaha



Using the concealer like a foundation, I applied it to my whole face. Using the tip brush doesn’t get any of the concealer onto my hands, it’s really easy to appppllllyyy! 😀


The attached brush makes it easy to spread. As you can see, I’m someone with no skill in brushing… hahahahahahah I just followed along the contours of my face. The attached brush may be small, but it reaches any corners! However, since it’s small, it may take a few whirls of the brush… so anyone with small faces will have no issue with it… ^^ hahahah


Mmm?! It clearly stated that it’s a cover type of concealer, and yet it has brought out the brightness and the moisturised look in my skin!! What is going on?? hahahah Everytime I go to Japan, I often find myself wondering how is it that the skins of Japanese females are so pretty. Somehow I have becomed a little like them…?


I was only trying the product with a casual mood, and yet I am able to make my skin brighter, look more glamorous and look prettier. When I was testing on the back of my palm, there wasn’t much effect, making me think, “Hey, what is this…”. And yet when I actually started to use it, it actually beautifies my skin in a natural way?!!!


In case you are wondering what’s going on, I have prepared one more photo. How is it? It looks different, doesn’t it??? There might have been doubts about if it really covers, or whether it’s a concealer at all. Yet, the results is that when I look in the mirror my skin is glowing. Very mysterious @_@;;;

By doing this comparison, we see that it is not heavy nor sticky, and even a thin layer will allow the white pearls give a skin a reflective look! The pearls are really, really fine, but beautifying.

I understood why the item is number one in Japan after just one use. I received this item which Korea has not yet heard of, but is one of the hottest item in Japan! Wonect is the best hahahah I wonder what kind of products is coming nice, looking forward to it!! +o+ heheh I’ll let you all know when September is here!! Bye bye everyone!! hahahah”

Starlet Ddtory

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