DHC Essence in Eyeshadow – Review by Starlet Abigail

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There’s nothing quite like creating something utterly unique, and your face is one of the best canvases to practice on. There are so many ways to scale up or scale down, and if you really hate anything, it’s easy to wipe the slate clean and start over. There are so many great makeup tutorials and tips out there, and you won’t know what really works for you until you try. Besides, slowly expanding your beauty horizons is a great way to prepare yourself for growth in other areas in your life.
I have hitherto shied away from sparkly eyeshadows, preferring less loud matte pigments. I recently came to the realization that much of the problem lay in the trashy sort of eyeshadows I’d previously used. In fact, there’s really nothing that imparts a fresh and healthy glow like a subtly shimmery eyeshadow. DHC collaborated with Disney for their very special Christmas product releases, and the adorable Marie of the Aristocats graces the DHC Essence In Eyeshadow. The Marie collection consists of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes in flattering shades, all imbued with the great ingredients that DHC uses for its effective and fuss-free skincare products. The cream-gel Essence In Eyeshadow in GD01 is a deep bronze if you lay it on thickly, but if you pat in a pearl-size amount across both eyelids, you’re left with a very pretty champagne glimmer. “
Starlet Abigail

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