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The New Kose Sekkisei Snow CC Powder

Do you remember the spring trends that I talked about last time? The trend that came up the most was glossy, clear skin. This spring, Kose have brought out a new foundation in their Sekkisei...


How good is Ichiran Instant Ramen?

Did you read my previous article about Ichiran Ramen? As mentioned last time, I’m going to review the Ichiran instant ramen today. So, let’s try making the ramen according to the instructions on the...


Do you want a pointier nose?! Hana Putti Bibico!

Hi everyone! We’re going to introduce you to an interesting product today… What shape is your nose? Flat? Straight? Pointy? Do you sometimes wish it were different? Today’s introduction is Hana Putti Bibico (Beautiful Nose...