So Many Shiseido Shampoos! Which One Should I Use?

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  1. vincent says:

    Hi Roger,

    if you dont mind to assist on the answering a few questions on the following.

    FUENTE FORTE Shampoo (Delicate Scalp)
    – is it for daily routine shampoo?
    -right amount of shampoo (men) medium length

    Best regards,

    • Wonect Team says:

      Hi Vincent, Roger here.

      – is it for daily routine shampoo?
      Yea, the Fuente Forte Shampoo is a daily routine shampoo. In fact, if you’re up for it, you can do a bit of “mixing up”. When I was using this, I used it daily till I got my oily scalp under control, and started to alternate this and another shampoo from day to day. I’d like to think I’m getting benefits from two different shampoos hahah

      -right amount of shampoo (men) medium length
      Thickness is important too! I have a medium length too, and very thick hair, so I usually go for one and half 500yen coin, plus a little just a little to reach any parts I’ve missed.

      Hope it’s helpful!

      – Roger

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