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Anessa Sunscreen Gold vs Silver! 2017 version

Today, we’re going to talk about Anessa sunscreens, one of the brands everyone mentions when we talk about Japanese sunscreens. For Shiseido, the Anessa sunscreen is the result of 100 years of research and development of...


SPF is about Time, PA is about Strength

Hey everyone! The days of intense sunlight continues, are you making sure you have protection against sunburns? In Japan, no matter which drugstore you enter, there is a myriad of sunscreens that line the...

Wonect | Sunscreen: Difference Between PA and PPD 0

Sunscreens: The Link Between PA and PPD Unfurled

(This is short follow-up to our previous article about PA levels in sunscreens: “SPF is about Time, PA is about Strength“) PA and PPD are different measurements of a sunscreen’s effectiveness against UVA (Ultraviolet...