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Which Shiseido Shampoo Should I Choose?


Confused about which Shiseido Shampoo to use? Don’t know which shampoo to use if you have coloured hair? Or which shampoo if use for oily scalps? These answer and more in this week’s video of comparison between Shiseido shampoos!

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Which Biore Sunscreen Should I Choose?


Summer! Hot Weather Days! If you are looking at Biore’s line of sunscreen, come and find out what the differences are between the products, and be prepared for the upcoming heat wave!

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 Sunscreen Care When in Japan


Did you know that the differences in the seasons in Japan is cause for you to pay attention to the quality of the sunscreen you choose to use? Find out as Fujikawa-sensei explains to us, along the river of Kamogawa.

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Acne Quiz! Do You Know What to Eat?


This week Oomori joins Fujikawa-sensei in a quiz about acne and food! This week’s shoot was at Rokkakudo, Kyoto!How well do you know your foods? Sure, we know sugar isn’t good for acne. What about avocado? Is it different from banana? How about… OYSTERS?? Join us as Oomori and Fujikawa-sensei plays the quiz!

Sorry, our camera died for one of the questions: Ginger! Ginger is good against inflammation, and has anti-oxidant properties.

Here is the link mentioned in the video.

The Urban Myths of Acne… Not Quite Debunked


This week Fujikawa and Roger goes to Kyoto’s Gyoza no Ohsho to talk about acne urban myths!

There’s that one with the toothpaste, and another about popping acne itself. And the mysterious link between chocolates and acne!

And yes, this is the one with the FANCL giveaway *wink* (Giveaway ends on 15 Jun 2016)

Link to article here.

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