Here is where videos of our staff talk about products, lifestyle and shopping. And sometimes we shoot at different locations in Kyoto!

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A Visit to the Phiten Main Store

 Snoopy Chaya! Snoopy Cafe in Kyoto

FANCL: Acne Care, Aging Care, and Starter Kits


In this five-part series of Fancl products, we explore what makes FANCL so popular, and where to start if you are new to Fancl. We will also be covering what would be good for aging care and acne!

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I’m Saying Sayonara, Mr Acne

Which Collagen Should I Choose?


Ever wondered how to choose Japanese collagen for yourself? Find out in this video as Roger introduces the specialities of some of the most popular collagen supplements from Japan!

Which Brand Has What: Pig vs Fish Collagen


Collagen comes from a various of sources, and the most popular right now are fish- and pig-derived collagen. But what are the differences? And which collagen contains which?

Halal in Kyoto! Naritaya Yakiniku


In this video, Wonect Boss Mr Mizuguchi and Roger goes to find out how halal ramen taste!

Let’s Go Shopping! Matsumoto Kiyoshi


Nothing better than having a Japanese bring you around to shop at Matsumoto Kiyoshi! Join us as Fujikawa brings us around the MatsuKiyo in Kyoto to discover what beauty products are new and popular right now in Japan!

Halal in Kyoto! Ramen Narita-ya

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