Fujiko Eyebrow Tint – Review by Starlet Wan Wei

Extract from our Starlet’s review:

“Out of the four items I appreciate this the most, because basically I only have half a natural brow since I was 17. Anyway, this series is apparently quite popular in Japan!

So I tried the product out, and after 5 minutes this is how my lack of half-eyebrows became sort of tinted:

Haha! I got a little confession to make: im really bad at drawing brows and I don’t buy eyebrow pencils. (In fact I don’t buy makeup) so when @wonectjp sent me this #fujikomayutint #mochabrown I was immediately intrigued. It’s quite innovative! Firstly you draw a shape of the eyebrow you would like, and then you leave it there for like 5-10mins, or up to two hours. When it dries, peel it off. So you see, actually I only have half an eyebrow usually. The left eyebrow is with this tint after 5min and the right eyebrow is with crayon eyeliner. Apparently this tint is waterproof which is really amazing lol!! But I do think it looks natural. Will try tomorrow and keep it on for 2 hours to see what happens. Really interesting product! πŸ‘ #wonectstarlets #wonect #japaneseproducts #eyebrowtintjapan

wwさん(@thewanwei)γŒζŠ•η¨Ώγ—γŸε†™ηœŸ –

Probably works LOL.”

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